BFH Bern University of Applied Sciences: Git repositories

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system.

Documentation about Git can be found at:

New repositories can be created by BFH Users semi-automatically.

Report problems to ITS Linux System Administration via the Service Desk.

Note: Repositories are only listed here if they have read access to Gitweb explicitly configured.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
staff/snm2/ZimaUserAdmin.git Cmdline ZIMA user admin tool git repository hosting No commits
Services / IT / Infrastructure / Linux
services/it/infrastructure/linux/files/ ITS Linux System... 15 months ago
services/it/infrastructure/linux/services/ bfh admin rz web proxy configuration files ITS Linux System... 3 years ago
services/it/infrastructure/linux/services/ ITS Linux System... 7 months ago
services/it/infrastructure/linux/services/ ITS Linux System... 12 months ago
services/it/infrastructure/linux/services/ WebSMS ITS Linux System... 14 months ago
services/it/infrastructure/linux/services/ ITS Linux System... 3 years ago
Services / IT / Security
services/it/security/java.git JAVA DRS, ESL and other JAVA stuff gbs4 7 months ago
TI / FBE / Bsc / ES
ti/fbe/bsc/es/carme-m4/CycloneTCP.git CycloneTCP Stack for CARME-M4 Kit rct1 5 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/carme-m4/atollic_truestudio_patch.git Atollic TrueSTUDIO Patch for CARME-M4 Support bcj1 3 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/carme-m4/bsp.git CARME-M4 Board support package bcj1 3 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/carme-m4/ Webseite bcj1 13 months ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/carme-m4/coos.git CoOS fork rct1 4 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/carme-m4/cpld.git CARME-M4 Mainboard CPLD Code rct1 5 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/carme-m4/fatfs_reentrancy.git FatFs Reentrancy as FreeRTOS-Plus Plugin rct1 4 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/carme-m4/fatfs_stm32f4xx.git FatFs for STM32F4xx rct1 5 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/carme-m4/freertos.git FreeRTOS fork bcj1 9 months ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/carme-m4/mempoolmanager.git Memory Pool Manager rct1 4 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/carme-m4/sgui.git Simple Graphic Library rct1 4 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/carme-m4/test_hw.git CARME-M4 Hardware test project bcj1 2 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/ects-mover/master.git med1 No commits
ti/fbe/bsc/es/ects-mover/node.git med1 17 months ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/iot-project/mqtt-demo.git Demo for the students of the module Embedded Systems... med1 2 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/stellaris/ArmDemo.git bcj1 4 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/stellaris/ConveyorDemo.git bcj1 4 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/stellaris/MasterDemo.git bcj1 4 years ago
ti/fbe/bsc/es/stellaris/SplitterDemo.git bcj1 4 years ago
ti/fbe/esrec/PQoverview.git gga5 2 years ago
ti/fbe/esrec/PQstatistik.git gga5 2 years ago
ti/fbe/esrec/ZNstatistik.git gga5 2 years ago
ti/fbf/courses/bsc-course-templates.git hga3 3 years ago
ti/fbi/wba/ebiz/NavisionClient.git Musterloesung Navision Webservice Uebung jfr1 3 years ago
ti/fbi/wba/ebiz/CMISApp.git jfr1 4 years ago
ti/fbi/wba/ebiz/bookstore.git Musterloesung Safepay Uebung jfr1 4 years ago
TI / MNG / Math
ti/mng/math/allg_bfhlatex.git ti-mng-math 7 weeks ago
ti/wb/sws/cas-swe-fs15.git Repository for CAS SWE-FS15 aeb1 4 years ago
staff / bgs2
staff/bgs2/sendbox.git bgs2 22 months ago
staff / due1
staff/due1/sed-hs15-srs-due1.git due1 3 years ago
staff/due1/sed-hs15-srs-green.git due1 4 years ago
staff/due1/sed-hs15-srs-purple.git due1 3 years ago
staff/due1/sed-hs15-srs-red.git due1 3 years ago
staff/due1/sed-hs15-srs-yellow.git due1 3 years ago
staff / goc4
staff/goc4/2018bti7061.git goc4 8 months ago
staff/goc4/2019bti1021.git goc4 60 min ago
staff/goc4/2019bti7061.git goc4 7 weeks ago
staff / hga3
staff/hga3/templates/doxygenTemplate.git hga3 3 years ago
staff / mha1
staff/mha1/test.git mha1 3 years ago
staff / mht1
staff/mht1/debian/vhdl-mode-el.git vhdl-mode Debian package repository mht1 4 years ago
staff / myf1
staff/myf1/misc.git myf1 4 years ago
staff / nam1
staff/nam1/projects/geoGAM.git geoGAM R Package nam1 10 months ago
staff/nam1/projects/sentinel-processing.git Sentinel - general code and documents nam1 21 months ago
staff/nam1/ressources/code.git Code templates and sandbox nam1 5 weeks ago
staff/nam1/teach/BFH-R-User-Group.git Docs from meetings. nam1 4 weeks ago
+ staff/nam1/teaching.git Teaching materials diverse lectures. nam1 5 weeks ago
staff / pup1
staff/pup1/scripts/iozone-tests.git iozone testscripts pup1 4 years ago
staff / rct1
staff/rct1/Git_Introduction.git Git Introduction presentation rct1 4 years ago
staff/rct1/LaTeX-Beamer-Template.git LaTeX Beamer Template rct1 4 years ago
staff/rct1/LaTeX-Documentation-Template.git LaTeX Documentation Template rct1 4 years ago
staff/rct1/SmartGitHg_Einleitung.git A SmartGitHg Introduction rct1 4 years ago
staff/rct1/Stellaris/ArmDemo.git Stellaris Robotermodell ArmDemo Software rct1 4 years ago
staff/rct1/Stellaris/ConveyorDemo.git Stellaris Robotermodell ConveyorDemo Software rct1 4 years ago
staff/rct1/Stellaris/SplitterDemo.git Stellaris Robotermodell SplitterDemo Software rct1 4 years ago
staff / shs1
staff/shs1/gis/sentineldl.git shs1 13 months ago
staff / snm2
staff/snm2/ADInspection.git snm2 11 months ago
staff/snm2/AgGridSample.git Sample for using the ag-grid Angular grid component snm2 12 months ago
staff/snm2/AuthByAD.git snm2 7 months ago
staff/snm2/DocXTests.git Tests with the DocX library to create Word documents snm2 8 months ago
staff/snm2/SqlScripts.git Repo of frequently used T-SQL scripts snm2 13 months ago
staff/snm2/ZimaDbUp.git snm2 13 months ago
staff/snm2/bfhinfo.git Cmdline info tool about BFH user accounts snm2 5 months ago
staff / wgh1
staff/wgh1/ASN1demo.git ASN.1 demo protocol spec and PDUs wgh1 2 years ago
staff/wgh1/DNSqueries.git demonstration of the java hostname resolver wgh1 2 years ago
staff/wgh1/bti7262-samples.git iptables samples for BTI7262 wgh1 2 years ago
staff/wgh1/casns-samples.git iptables samples for CAS N+S wgh1 2 years ago
staff/wgh1/end-test.git endian test for BTI7017 wgh1 2 years ago
staff/wgh1/labrouter.git router/nat script for BTI7017 lab wgh1 2 years ago
staff/wgh1/mcast.git python multicast programming example wgh1 2 years ago
staff/wgh1/pwcrypt.git usage of crypt to create password hashes wgh1 3 years ago
staff/wgh1/routing.git routing examples for common open research emulator... wgh1 2 years ago
staff/wgh1/run6to4.git creation of 6to4-tunnels on linux systems wgh1 2 years ago
students / andos1
students/andos1/smoat.git andos1 3 years ago
students / brunm1
students/brunm1/test.git Just for testing brunm1 22 months ago
students / hofen1
students/hofen1/blockchainexplorer.git hofen1 4 years ago
students / killj1
students/killj1/AccountManager.git killj1 3 years ago
students/killj1/AmazonWebServicesClient.git killj1 3 years ago
students/killj1/BookstoreArquillian.git bookstore with testing with Arquillian killj1 3 years ago
students/killj1/BookstoreProject.git Source code for EADJ project Heinz Gut/Joan Killeen killj1 3 years ago
students/killj1/BookstoreTemplate.git killj1 3 years ago
students/killj1/HumanResources.git killj1 3 years ago
students/killj1/JPAProject.git JPA Module Excercise Project killj1 3 years ago
students/killj1/contactbook.git killj1 3 years ago
students/killj1/exercises.git killj1 3 years ago
students / liecj3
students/liecj3/proof-of-publication-service.git liecj3 2 years ago
students / morga2
students/morga2/esb-poc-bpms.git Vertiefungsprojekt 2 POC JBoss BPMS morga2 2 years ago
students/morga2/esb-poc-fuse.git Vertiefungsprojekt 2 POC JBoss Fuse morga2 22 months ago
students/morga2/gever-bpmn-activiti.git Vertiefungsprojekt 1 POC Activiti morga2 2 years ago
students/morga2/gever-bpmn-bonita.git Vertiefungsprojekt 1 POC Bonita morga2 2 years ago
students/morga2/gever-bpmn-camunda.git Vertiefungsprojekt 1 POC Camunda morga2 2 years ago
students/morga2/gever-bpmn-common.git Vertiefungsprojekt 1 common library morga2 22 months ago
students/morga2/mock-server.git Vertiefungsprojekt 2 Mock Server morga2 2 years ago
students / mulll1
students/mulll1/Disk_project.git mulll1 2 years ago
students / mullr4
students/mullr4/mad16-playground.git Test repository for technology clarifications mullr4 3 years ago
students/mullr4/mad16.git Repository for Freeriding App mullr4 3 years ago
students / tcheck1
students/tchek1/BookStore.git git repository hosting No commits
students / zimmm14
students/zimmm14/smoat_logic.git zimmm14 3 years ago
students/zimmm14/smoat_mqtt.git zimmm14 3 years ago
students/zimmm14/smoat_serial.git zimmm14 3 years ago