2015-10-27 MichaelException handling added in UserTest
2015-10-26 Dominikcomments for User improvment
2015-10-22 Eric DubuisRe-enabled tests (after having added rng-tools package...
2015-10-21 Eric DubuisRe-enabled first test.
2015-10-21 Eric DubuisRe-enabled first test.
2015-10-21 Eric DubuisIgnoring all test methods. HEAD
2015-10-21 Eric DubuisAdded commons-codec as Maven dependency and removed...
2015-10-21 Eric DubuisFixed distribution of points among deliverables.
2015-10-21 Eric DubuisFixed distribution of points among deliverables.
2015-10-21 Eric DubuisMerge branch 'development' of
2015-10-21 Eric DubuisUpdated POM; added description for deliverable 2.
2015-10-21 MatthiasUser class updated
2015-10-21 Michaelbugfix3
2015-10-21 MatthiasUser class updated
2015-10-21 Michaelbugfix
2015-10-21 Michaelbugfix
2015-10-21 MichaelRenamed: Fullname -> Lastname
2015-10-21 MichaelGetter/Setter for Name and Fullname
2015-10-21 MichaelsetPasswordTest()
2015-10-21 Matthiascreated User class
2015-10-21 MichaelMerge branch 'development' of
2015-10-21 MichaelPassword-Hash-Class added
2015-10-20 Eric DubuisMerge branch 'development' of
2015-10-20 Dominikversion changed
2015-10-19 Dominikversion changed
2015-10-19 Dominikpush to add new user
2015-10-14 MichaelCorrected desing of user_stories -> role list del1
2015-10-14 MichaelAdded Role list in user_stories.apt
2015-10-14 MichaelCorrected Title of context diagram site:
2015-10-14 MichaelNavigationslink to Context Diagram added
2015-10-14 MichaelContext diagram added
2015-10-14 DominikTeam Members added
2015-10-14 DominikMerge branch 'master' of
2015-10-14 DominikTeam Members angepasst
2015-10-13 Matthiasuser stories added
2015-10-13 Matthiasuser stories
2015-10-12 Matthiassome user stories
2015-10-12 MichaelGlossary: Resources and Deliverables added..
2015-10-12 MichaelMerge branch 'master' of
2015-10-12 Michaelresource added
2015-10-12 Dominikimage of domainModel
2015-10-12 DominikDomain Model added
2015-10-12 MichaelResource Manager added..
2015-10-12 MichaelGlossary completed for D1
2015-10-11 Eric DubuisProvided sprint plan, gave hints on Git branching and...
2015-10-11 Eric DubuisAdded dates for deliverables/sprints.
2015-10-06 Eric DubuisAdded readme file.
2015-10-03 Eric DubuisPrepared initial set of files for project.
2015-10-03 Eric DubuisPrepared initial project tree.
2015-10-03 Eric DubuisAdded Eclipse project files.
2015-10-03 Eric DubuisIntitial project setup.