2016-01-10 Carlos ArauzIncrementing Version to 1.4-SNAPSHOT master del4
2016-01-10 Carlos ArauzMerge branch 'development'
2016-01-10 Carlos ArauzHelpersTests development
2015-12-20 Eric DubuisEclipse modified .classpath...
2015-12-20 Eric DubuisRemoved users dickm1 and schmp6 from developers.
2015-12-11 Raul Bolañosloops are killed
2015-12-09 Carlos ArauzDateValidatod Class added and tests @ch.bfh.ti.helpers...
2015-12-08 Raul Bolañossome Tests fr the date added3
2015-12-08 Raul Bolañossome Tests fr the date added2
2015-12-08 Raul Bolañossome Tests fr the date added
2015-12-07 Raul BolañosFieldEvaluationHelper for GUI fild evaluation implementes
2015-11-29 Carlos ArauzVersion increased to 1.3 del3
2015-11-29 Carlos ArauzMerge branch 'development'
2015-11-29 Raul Bolañosunlogic test improved... now is working well
2015-11-29 Raul Bolañossome ResevableObjectTests implemented
2015-11-29 Raul BolañosMerge branch 'development' of
2015-11-29 Raul Bolañosnot fished testOfReservationFromReservableObjects
2015-11-29 Carlos ArauzPersonTest added, RoleTest fixed
2015-11-29 Raul BolañosReservableObject and Reservation in a way implemented
2015-11-28 Carlos ArauzFixes and couple of changes
2015-11-24 Raul Bolañosrefaktoring of classes structure... not finished
2015-11-13 Raul Bolañosdfsdfsdfsd
2015-11-13 Raul Bolañosnothing to commit
2015-11-13 Carlos Arauzrole test author
2015-11-10 Carlos ArauzMerge branch 'development' del2
2015-11-10 Carlos Arauzdate-range dependency
2015-11-10 Marc DickUnittesting done 96%
2015-11-09 Marc DickComplete JUNIT tests
2015-11-09 Raul Bolañostest person with full personal information origin/development
2015-11-09 Raul Bolañosto string test is not empty
2015-11-09 Raul BolañosLocationtest implemented. test for the distance between...
2015-11-09 Raul Bolaños nothing
2015-11-09 Raul BolañosPersonalInformation improved. now are integers implemen...
2015-11-09 Raul BolañosMerge branch 'development' of
2015-11-09 Raul Bolañospersonalinformation test with nullpointer trying to...
2015-11-09 Carlos ArauzPackage fix
2015-11-09 Carlos ArauzProject structure fixed
2015-11-09 Raul Bolañostest problem solved
2015-11-09 Raul Bolañosinfopersontest trying
2015-11-09 Carlos ArauzVersion increased
2015-11-09 Carlos ArauzMerge branch 'development'
2015-11-09 Carlos ArauzProduct Backlog finished
2015-11-09 Carlos ArauzProduct Backlog added
2015-11-09 Carlos ArauzDeleted replaced files and updated PersonTest and RollTest
2015-11-09 Carlos Arauzfixed packages' names and test
2015-11-08 Raul Bolañospackage aplication properly added
2015-11-08 angelotest push
2015-11-08 Carlos ArauzPerson and Role (Class and Test) fixed
2015-11-08 Carlos ArauzPersonTest fixed
2015-11-02 Raul BolañosMerge branch 'development' of
2015-11-02 Raul Bolañossome failing tests
2015-11-02 angeloadd client to roles
2015-11-01 Raul BolañosUser changed
2015-10-30 Raul Bolañosperson changed to user and refact
2015-10-30 Carlos ArauzJAXBHelper added
2015-10-30 Carlos ArauzRole Class now functional, it loads the roles from...
2015-10-30 Raul BolañosReservation controller beginn
2015-10-30 Raul Bolañosmore tests for the user
2015-10-30 Raul Bolañostests changes for the user
2015-10-30 Raul Bolañossome tests added
2015-10-29 Raul Bolañostrying to implement the rolles
2015-10-29 Raul Bolañosone test for Client
2015-10-29 Raul BolañosPerson and User with the " Builder pattern " implemente...
2015-10-29 angelotest_commit
2015-10-28 Raul Bolañossome modifations to some classes
2015-10-28 Raul Bolañosclasses are writen to implement
2015-10-28 Raul BolañosMerge branch 'development' of
2015-10-28 Carlos ArauzRoll Class created and other class for tests
2015-10-28 Raul Bolañoscommiten to get information
2015-10-28 Raul BolañosMerge branch 'master' into development
2015-10-28 Raul Bolañosdate-range dubui to project added
2015-10-22 Eric DubuisMerge branch 'development' of
2015-10-22 Raul Bolañospascal info added to pom
2015-10-21 Eric DubuisFixed distribution of points among deliverables.
2015-10-21 Eric DubuisMerge branch 'development' of
2015-10-21 Eric DubuisUpdated POM; added description for deliverable 2.
2015-10-21 Raul BolañosMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/addedPom' into...
2015-10-20 Eric DubuisUpdated sprint document; update version of POM
2015-10-20 Marc Dickadded user dickm1 to Pom
2015-10-19 Carlos ArauzMerge branch 'development' v1.0
2015-10-19 Carlos Arauzspelling changes
2015-10-19 Carlos ArauzIncreasing version 1.0
2015-10-19 Raul Bolañosown project deliverable1 deleted
2015-10-19 Raul Bolañosconflicts
2015-10-19 Raul Bolañossolving conflicts when fetching and merging
2015-10-18 Carlos ArauzMerge branch 'sprint1' del1
2015-10-18 Carlos ArauzDomain Model and Glossary modified
2015-10-18 Angelo Campanileuser stories updated
2015-10-18 Raul Bolañosuse cases diagram updated
2015-10-18 Raul Bolañosnothing to commit
2015-10-18 Angelo Campanileuser stories
2015-10-16 Raul Bolañospreparing sprint 1
2015-10-16 Raul BolañosDomainModel.png added to domainmodel.html
2015-10-16 Raul Bolañostrygin to get the use case image
2015-10-16 Carlos ArauzDomain model fix and Roles added
2015-10-15 Raul Bolañosuse case diagram png added
2015-10-15 Raul Bolañosuse case diagram added
2015-10-15 Raul Bolañosuse case diagram added
2015-10-15 Carlos Arauzfixing .gitignore
2015-10-15 Carlos ArauzGlossary updated with stakeholders