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1You are to implement a C tool similar to "ps x -o pid,comm,rss"
2that will show for each process that shares your user ID the amount of
3memory it is using. Scan the /proc directory to find all active
4processes by their process ID (PID). You can find all of the
5information you need for each process under /proc/$PID/status, in
6particular the lines "Name", "Uid" and "VmRSS".
8Your output should list on seperate lines the PID, binary name of the
9process and the resident set size (RSS), separated by spaces.
10Your process must return 0 upon successful completion.
12Your C program must be called "ps.c". You will be graded for style
13(compiler warnings (-Wall), memory leaks, etc.) as well as for correct
16Test your program using the "".