2018-12-08 Madlene NussbaumMake help more precise, pdate todo. master
2018-12-08 Madlene NussbaumCorrected coords selection in predict.
2018-12-07 Madlene NussbaumUpdate todo list.
2018-12-03 Madlene NussbaumCorrected inconsitency in the backtransform part.
2018-11-01 Madlene NussbaumUploaded Version 0.1-2.
2018-11-01 Madlene NussbaumUpdate man pages according to revised manuscripts,...
2018-02-23 Madlene NussbaumUpdate todo-Liste.
2017-06-03 Madlene NussbaumUpdated funcs accrd paper: simulate bootstrap, backtran...
2016-10-28 Madlene NussbaumResubmitted to CRAN, checks passed on Linux and Win.
2016-10-28 Madlene NussbaumCorrected after CRAN feedback: adapted DESCR, improved...
2016-10-28 Madlene NussbaumAll 144 func-checks finished without error.
2016-10-27 Madlene NussbaumSUBMITTED to cran.
2016-10-27 Madlene NussbaumRe-check on Windows, checks all passed.
2016-10-27 Madlene NussbaumRe-check on Linux, checks all passed.
2016-10-27 Madlene NussbaumCheck complete manual and correct typos.
2016-10-27 Madlene NussbaumRepaire centering of vali-set for only one continuous.
2016-10-27 Madlene NussbaumCorr formula for non stationary.
2016-10-26 Madlene NussbaumStill passes Linux checks.
2016-10-26 Madlene NussbaumChecks on Windows passed, correct namespace.
2016-10-26 Madlene NussbaumSpell check on all Rd.Files.
2016-10-26 Madlene NussbaumResolved non-ASCII char problem, passed all checks...
2016-10-26 Madlene NussbaumComplete manual for geoGAM and predict.geoGAM, warning...
2016-10-26 Madlene NussbaumSmall corrections after funct-checking of complete...
2016-10-26 Madlene NussbaumRemove grund_fil from dataset due to singularities.
2016-10-26 Madlene NussbaumRemove some messages, corr summary output and examples.
2016-10-25 Madlene NussbaumUpdate TODO, repare sets from sample.
2016-10-25 Madlene NussbaumPassed all checks.
2016-10-25 Madlene NussbaumResolve nearly all checks, corr main function for small...
2016-10-25 Madlene NussbaumDont drop data frame at GAM CV, raise df for tuning.
2016-10-25 Madlene NussbaumCompleted examples and functionality checker, added...
2016-10-25 Madlene NussbaumWorked on -details- in documentation.
2016-10-24 Madlene NussbaumComplete summary-path output, simplify verbose.
2016-10-24 Madlene NussbaumCorrect geoAM to properly select bspatial and bols...
2016-10-21 Madlene NussbaumAdd check files.
2016-10-21 Madlene NussbaumHarmonize usage with function interface, check examples.
2016-10-21 Madlene NussbaumAdded mboost baselearner to namespace.
2016-10-21 Madlene NussbaumAdapt methods documentation to avoid check-errors.
2016-10-21 Madlene NussbaumMove data prep file outside of package.
2016-10-21 Madlene NussbaumFinish first version of documenting data set, group...
2016-10-21 Madlene NussbaumReorganize folders to make sure only package files...
2016-10-20 Madlene NussbaumCorrected methods, aliases, according to R-check.
2016-10-20 Madlene NussbaumAdapt summary methods, verbose in geoGAM-fun, tested...
2016-10-19 Madlene NussbaumStart multi-check-file.
2016-10-19 Madlene NussbaumRevise predict and bootstrap functions.
2016-10-19 Madlene NussbaumCorrect methods for summary and summary print, start...
2016-10-18 Madlene NussbaumAdd S3 methods, simple example for GeoGAM.
2016-09-16 Madlene NussbaumSet cores to 1 for windows.
2016-09-15 Madlene NussbaumStart complete example.
2016-09-15 Madlene NussbaumCorrect spatial magnitude selection so bspat is include...
2016-09-15 Madlene NussbaumRemove commented code on interactions mboost.
2016-09-15 Madlene NussbaumFirst version of predict.
2016-09-15 Madlene NussbaumMove bootstrap to separate file, simplfy.
2016-09-15 Madlene NussbaumAllow different coordinate names.
2016-09-14 Madlene NussbaumPrepare first version of point data frame and grid.
2016-09-13 Madlene NussbaumRemove do.boostrap argument.
2016-09-13 Madlene NussbaumRedefine values for geoGAM, add in help, start on metho...
2016-09-13 Madlene NussbaumRemove backfit and i.file from all functions.
2016-09-13 Madlene NussbaumRemove backfit and multinomial from geoGAM main function.
2016-09-13 Madlene NussbaumDocu on main function, dummy rename arguments.
2016-09-09 Madlene NussbaumExample files.
2016-08-19 Madlene NussbaumStart package making.