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2019-08-26 Madlene NussbaumSome changes during demo.
2019-08-23 Madlene NussbaumSlides and code for August meeting on Debugging.
2019-06-24 Madlene NussbaumRemove lock file.
2019-06-24 Madlene NussbaumDocuments June meeting, presentations Lukas and Andrea.
2019-06-11 Madlene NussbaumSlides HPC IT Services of last user meeting.
2019-05-07 Madlene NussbaumNotes on future meeting with deep learning users.
2019-05-06 Madlene NussbaumPresentation nam1 for 2nd R-User Meeting.
2019-05-05 Madlene NussbaumStart draft of 2. RUser-Meeting Presentation.
2019-05-02 Madlene NussbaumAdded gitignore and Rproj files.
2019-04-30 Madlene NussbaumOutlook appointments future meetings.
2019-04-30 Madlene NussbaumWorkshop fotos.
2019-04-30 Madlene NussbaumFiles of first meeting, analysis needs users.
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