last changeMon, 10 Sep 2018 13:18:51 +0000 (15:18 +0200)
2018-09-10 Simon SpöhelAdding --auto switch. master
2018-09-10 Simon SpöhelMoving executable to lib/ derectory.
2018-09-07 Simon SpöhelFixing installation of libs.
2018-02-06 Simon SpöhelMoving downloading to own function.
2018-02-06 Simon SpöhelUsing the metadata SentinelSat returns and stop queryin...
2018-02-06 Simon SpöhelMoving discovery of satellite images to separate function.
2018-02-06 Simon SpöhelUpdating TODO.
2018-02-06 Simon SpöhelHandling download of files before 2016-12-06.
2018-02-06 Simon SpöhelAdd logging for number of files remaining for download.
2018-02-06 Simon SpöhelStop querying metadata when discovering.
2018-02-06 Simon SpöhelFixing typo in exception.
2018-02-06 Simon SpöhelFixing creation of vrt files and writing of qml files.
2018-02-01 Simon SpöhelUpdating processing scripts for level 2A.
2018-02-01 Simon SpöhelExecuting scripts in processing.d sequentially for...
2018-02-01 Simon SpöhelMoving creation of overviews to own script.
2018-02-01 Simon SpöhelSwitching to GeoTIFF based overviews and building them...
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