2017-03-28 Hansjürg Wengermodified for windows, added pcap file master
2017-01-19 Hansjürg Wengeradded options to set multicast address and port v0.9.4
2017-01-19 Hansjürg Wengerchanged "socket.bind()" for windows v0.9.3
2016-12-21 Hansjürg Wengermodified killmsg behavior, add output on reciever v0.9.1
2016-12-19 Hansjürg Wengermodified/added some program output v0.9
2016-12-19 Hansjürg Wengerported to python 3, added unicode support
2016-12-09 Hansjürg Wengeradded "killstr" to terminated listeners
2016-12-09 Hansjürg Wengerinitial working revision