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6 Glossary for the Smart Reservation System
8 This is the Glossary for the project Smart Reservation System. Here, the
9 most important terms are captured and briefly described. It is maintained
10 by the development team.
12 [Administrator] A user who manage the application. He is in charge to create
13 accounts for editors and authors. He also creates an modify new newsletters.
15 [Scrum Master] The scrum master supports the developer team and coaches it to produce high qualtity results. He also arranges all Scrum meetings, keeps track of Backlog and measures progress and enforces timeboxes.
17 [Developers] Turns Product/Release Backlog items into potentially shippable increments. He is self-organizing and self-managing, negotiate commitments with the Product Owner (one sprint at a time) and is cross-functional (has testing skills, is domain expert, etc..).
19 [Customers/Users] Participate in (product, release, and/or print) review meetings and represents business and user interests. Provides feedback to Scrum team.
21 [Managers] Participate in (product, release, and/or print) review meetings and represents business. Provides healthy working environment and takes resource decisions.
23 [Product owner] The product owner has all rights about the project.
25 [Resource Manager] A user who manages Reservation System Resources. He is able to add, edit or delete resources.
27 [SRS] Smart Reservation System - A software system enabling
28 associations and enterprises to book and share rooms.
30 [SSD] System Sequence Diagram - This is a way to express the behavior of a
31 system of objects.
33 [Stakeholder] An individual, group, or organization, who may affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision, activity, or outcome of a project.